Dancing in Flames

Marion Woodman is a Canadian poet and Jungian analyst mostly working on feminine psychology. I first came across her name after reading her and Elinor Dickson’s Dancing in Flames: Dark Goddes in the Transformation of Consciousness (a pdf is available on scribd.com). The book provides a rich historical account of the darkness in the feminine, a subject largely ignored in Western theology which tends to equate women with light.

Although she takes many different forms, this goddess 

sometimes a Black Madonna or an Asian or Indian Madonna 

always carries authority. She guides and advises and acts with absolute clarity, often with a startling sense of humor that delights in play. These moments in dreams or active imagination are filled with her compassion for our human situation. She is blunt, neither indulgent nor sentimental. She demands embodiment. Living in the creative intercourse between chaos and order, she calls us to enter into the dance of creation…

The title Dancing in Flames is also given to a documentary on Woodman’s life, views on poetry, religion and the role of women therein.