Statues of Lenin (beheaded)

Beheaded Lenin in Semenovka (2016), via

Across Ukraine, municipalities were beginning to dismantle the statues of Vladimir Lenin in an effort to rid the country of the communism that the monument represents (via)

Beheaded Lenin in Ponomaryovksa (2013), via

Emergency in Ponomaryovka! Unknown people have sawed off the head of the monument to V.I. Lenin!!!!! (on social networking site VKontakte)

Beheaded Lenin in Las Vegas (1999), via

“It’s been missing over three weeks,” complained Kelley Jones, director of operations for China Grill Management Las Vegas, which operates the restaurant. “I don’t think it’s a joke.” (via)

Beheaded Lenin in Moryakovsky (2015), via

It is time to get rid of this twentieth century rubbish… It is now the only statue in the world of Lenin’s feet (resident, via)

Житель Кузбасса сломал памятник Ленину при попытке сделать селфи
Beheaded Lenin in Prokopievsk (2015), via

A 30-year-old man in the Kemerovo region in southern Russia has destroyed a monument to Bolshevik revolutionary Vladimir Lenin by trying to take a selfie while hanging off its arm, a news report said. The man, who was intoxicated at the time of the incident, tried to photograph himself while swinging from a gilded statue of Lenin in the city of Prokopyevsk, but the monument was unable to support the man’s weight and collapsed, a local police source told the Flash Siberia news site. The culprit then tried to gather the pieces of the broken Lenin together but was unable to do so. A photograph accompanying the Flash Siberia article shows Lenin’s head, torso and arm lying in the dirt by its pedestal (Moscow Times)

Beheaded Lenin in Kiev (2013), via

The popular online bulletin board Slando carries an advert encouraging buyers to purchase a “piece of history”, with the seller asking $125 for a 13kg piece of the statue’s hand, about $93 for a piece of arm and almost $6 for a kg of smaller parts of the monument (BBC)

“The Capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them” (Lenin)


Paul Celan

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